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Bose Presents: Better Never Quits – Joss Christensen

Joss Christensen has Olympic gold in his trophy case—and a titanium plate in his hand. Injuries are part of the sport and Joss has suffered his share. Will a recent fall keep him from competing in the Polartec Big Air Event at Fenway Park?

Music helps get these athletes into the zone—and onto the podium

On the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, having the right gear matters. And what’s in their ears is second only to what’s under their boots. Whether they’re doing a switch triple 1260 Japan or a right 270 on/pretzel 270 out, the songs playing through their headphones give them the lift they need.

Meet our athletes

Joss Christensen: “My music fuels me on the slopes. It helps me stay focused and express my creativity comfortably.”

Hometown: Park City, UT
Favorite trick: “A Switch Cork 540 Tail Grab!”
Favorite music: “Right now I’m really into a lot of music from the hip hop artist Oddisee.”

Tom Wallisch: “Music gets me stoked to try a new trick or throw down in a contest! Good tunes help get me pumped up and can make any day super fun and exciting. It blocks out the sounds of the crowd so i can focus on my run.”

Hometown: Park City, UT
Favorite trick: “The classic backflip!! I love it!”
Favorite music: “I love good hip hop. I’ve got ‘Just Because’ by AZ on repeat.”

Kelly Clark: “Music is key. It’s a huge part of my snowboarding. It helps get me to where I need to be to perform my best.”

Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Favorite trick: “A Method. It’s simple, but timeless.”
Favorite music: “Today? Or ever? I’m always finding new music and enjoy switching things up.”

Devin Logan: “Music is everything to my skiing. I can’t ski without it. Doesn’t feel right.”

Hometown: West Dover, VT
Favorite trick: Rodeo 540 Japan
Favorite song: DMX - X Gon Give It To Ya