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Better Sound Sessions

A dedication to making music sound better has been the beating heart of Bose® for more than 50 years — and it’s the foundation of this original video series. Recorded live at Bose® studios, “Better Sound Sessions” features our favourite artists playing music that sounds and feels the way you know it should.


Coming soon

We’re bringing more artists to the Bose® studios for exclusive performances that you’ll only find here. Stay in the know by signing up for Bose® emails.  SUBSCRIBE

Lake Street Dive

Their signature sound and soulful approach has attracted a huge following of fans. You can count us among them. So we asked them to come in and record a few tracks for us.  EXPLORE

Beat Connection

Recently, we invited the guys to perform a few songs and chat about their creative process.  EXPLORE

Seinabo Sey

She provided the soundtrack for our January 2015 video featuring the NFL players of Team Bose. And she has stories to share.  EXPLORE