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Corporate careers

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to solve problems—then seek out new challenges? If so, you're a kindred spirit. We're devoted to innovation, committed to expanding the boundaries of technology—and creating new ways for people to get even more enjoyment out of life. You'll work with engineers, researchers, marketers and other professionals to develop experiences so unique, our customers become as passionate about our products as we are.

Do you live for that moment when—after years of research, development, and testing—you discover an engineering solution to a problem no one thought could be solved?

If you are, then we should talk. Because Bose is a company built on that spirit of relentless inquiry, with a commitment to creating innovative products that no other company can match. And our engineers make it all happen.

You'll be surrounded by others who share your spirit for new thinking. You can immerse yourself in long-term projects, or work on short-term assignments with different groups. We believe that everyone should be given the freedom to explore.

Check out our job profiles. And take the first step on what might be the most fascinating journey you'll ever have.

Job profiles

Software engineers

Do you enjoy working with deeply embedded systems, application development and everything in between? Then this is your ideal opportunity.

Software is not only a core competency at Bose, but our fastest growing discipline. You'll face daily technical challenges to create exceptional audio and video products for our customer's homes and automobiles. Develop applications to make our entertainment systems even easier to enjoy. Work with state-of-the-art embedded hardware. Write sophisticated signal processing algorithms in tight embedded spaces. Tackle the intricacies of product networking. And use the latest object-oriented techniques. If you like challenges, you'll love working at Bose.

Mechanical engineers

As a mechanical engineer, you'll find many stimulating career opportunities at bose—and not just in audio.

You'll play an instrumental role in every new product release, accept challenges like efficient packaging for mobile products such as the SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III, core structural and thermal issues and design for manufacturability—all while maintaining high standards of elegance and durability. Recent Bose ME achievements include the VideoWave® entertainment system, a high performance audio system built into an HDTV; and our Energy Efficient Series sound system for automobiles. You're encouraged to explore your own interests in areas as diverse as medical instrumentation, automation for manufacturing equipment, noise cancellation and paper processing. You'll find the range of projects virtually limitless.

Electrical engineers

If you truly understand your work—at a level well beyond the ordinary electrical engineer—you're exactly who we're looking for.

You'll balance individual engineering effort with team project development. Spend time on analysis, and get your hands dirty in the lab, too. You'll work on exciting new product introductions, with aggressive timetables that make sure you're always engaged. You'll see projects through from start to finish, and enjoy a true collaboration with your colleagues. And while you're working, you'll also be able to learn from the other engineers on your team.

Acoustic engineers

Here's your chance to develop innovative acoustical theories and equations—even if they have nothing to do with audio.

Working with acoustics and psychoacoustics, you have to be comfortable working without rules, because most simply fall apart in real-world applications. So you'll spend much of your time breaking new ground. You'll rely on your healthy curiosity to work on new products, and develop your own theories all the way to completion. You'll even have the freedom to innovate in areas that are outside the normal scope of audio. If you like plenty of freedom in your job, feel free to check out this opportunity.

Research engineers

What better place to put your research skills to work than at a company whose tagline is "Better Sound Through Research®."

Your natural curiosity will be encouraged and rewarded in our research department. You'll work with a team of engineers from your discipline—as well as others—to develop innovative technologies that can lead to entirely new products. And you control your career path. You can deepen your area of expertise by focusing on research in that area. Or you can gain experience beyond your core expertise. Whatever path you choose, you'll always be an important member of a valuable and widely respected team.

Materials engineers

Passionate about solving problems? Then you won't have any problem building an exciting career right here.

Materials engineering plays a vital role in our products' performance. One example: Our Professional Systems Division developed a high-powered woofer that runs at almost 400°C. Under normal conditions, the metal coil structure literally melts. But these materials engineers found a unique solution. They skinned the structure to retain its shape until the metal re-solidified. Then they attached the cone with a high-temperature adhesive originally developed for NASA—the first time it was used in a commercial application. That's the kind of innovation you can bring to Bose.

Product engineers

Love using new technologies to create experiences people have never had before? You'll have plenty of opportunities here.

As a product engineer, you won't just focus on one small element of a product—we expect you to see the big picture. You'll have the time and resources you need to make sure every product is right before it ever goes out the door. You'll learn from other engineers who are just as passionate about their fields as you are about yours. And you'll have the satisfaction of working on highly visible products that are recognized and respected around the world.

Quality engineers

If you enjoy working with people as much as with materials and products, you're engineered to succeed at Bose.

You'll play a vital role as the link between our product engineers and suppliers. Sure, you have excellent engineering skills to deal with new materials and processes, specify product details and audit quality compliance. But you'll also need people skills to negotiate with high-level executives at regional, national and international supplier companies scattered around the world. So if you're the kind of engineer who likes people—and enjoys traveling to meet them—this is truly a quality opportunity.

Design compliance engineers

Join the Corporate R&D group that works collaboratively with all product divisions to ensure we meet design quality and product regulatory requirements. Here's your chance to apply your expertise and enhance your career every day.

As a design compliance engineer, you will be challenged by innovative product designs, complex components, and the ever increasing regulatory and compliance needs of the product divisions. You'll get to work with engineers from a wide variety of disciplines throughout the company. Through our specialized expertise and substantial capital equipment base, you'll have the opportunity to provide consultation, design analysis, and test support in the areas of component engineering, EMC, environmental and mechanical validation, reliability engineering, environmental compliance, product safety, and failure analysis. If variety, flexibility and new challenges excite you, you'll find everything you need in this job.

Do you enjoy interacting with a variety of people from different departments? Crave the chance to learn new skills? Take pride in helping a long-term project reach a successful conclusion? Then you should consider a career as a professional at Bose. A lot of work goes into every Bose® product, and much of it you may never see. But whether you're an engineer, marketer or finance person, everyone makes essential contributions. Become part of a team that shares your passion for challenges, innovation and personal growth.

Job profiles


If you like creative challenges, you'll love working here. Your projects may include product launches, repositioning efforts, and targeted marketing to current and prospective customers. You can work directly with product development professionals to gain key insights that will strengthen your efforts. And you'll draw upon a wide range of strategies and technologies to develop ideas and campaigns that are just as innovative as our products.

Customer service and support

Do you have a way with words, people and technology? Then you can play a vital role as the primary contact between our products and customers. You'll get all the training you need to become as familiar with our products as the engineers who designed them. So you can provide customer service that's as exceptional as our products.


You're not just good with numbers, but with developing relationships that can lead to exciting opportunities for yourself and Bose. You'll work in areas that may include accounting, financial analysis and reporting, auditing, budgeting, project support and much more. As a finance professional and trusted business partner, you will be able to advance your career in this stimulating environment.

Human resources

You see that the most powerful force in the world occurs when people realize their full potential and come together for a shared purpose. You'll achieve that goal through skillful recruiting, training and development, internal communications and other activities. You'll also help to maintain and strengthen the Bose culture of empowerment, productivity and personal growth.

Information technology

You believe that the free flow of information is essential to the success of an organization. At Bose, you'll collaborate with a group of skilled IT professionals who share your belief. You'll develop, implement and deploy systems to help our employees remain at the cutting edge of research, technology and product development.


Your mind is always active—absorbing new information, analyzing data, and developing strategies to put that knowledge to use. At Bose, you'll have plenty of opportunities: protecting intellectual property, drafting agreements and providing legal advice relating to new products and various strategic initiatives, to name just a few. You'll find the work challenging and rewarding.


Your efforts can play a prominent role in the day-to-day success of Bose. You may interact with senior-level executives and others in leadership positions. If you have strong organizational and communication skills and a willingness to learn, you'll fit right in.


You already have the drive, determination and experience to be a successful salesperson. Now put your skills of persuasion to work with one of the most respected brands in the world. Imagine how much more rewarding your career will be when everyone wants what you're selling.